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Ceramic & Pottery Art

PB103 White Stoneware Body

A smooth white firing stoneware clay with remarkable plastic strength. It is ideal for throwing, modeling and pressing. It is usually used in sculpture and slab work.

Pink Earthenware

A low-fired and porous clay for hand building and throwing. It is ideal for once or twice fired pieces. The final product has a pale buff pink colour hence its name. It has to be glazed to overcome its porosity.

School Earthenware

A off-white clay which is easy to work and excellent for school use. It is suitable for most production techniques such as throwing, hand building and pressing.

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  • T17
  • Taiwan White Clay (20 kg/box)
  • PB103 White Stoneware Body (10 kg/bag)
  • Pink Earthenware (12.5 kg/bag)
  • School Earthenware (10 kg/bag)
  • Yellow Pottery Sponge
  • Pottery Cutting Wire
  • Ribbon Tools
  • Clay Needles
  • Banding Wheel (25cm diameter)
  • Glazer (200g assorted colours)
  • Wooden Modelling Tool (6" assorted colours)
  • $30.00/box
  • $23.00/bag
  • $23.00/bag
  • $23.00/bag
  • $1.80/pc
  • $4.00/pc
  • $4.00/pc
  • $2.50/pc
  • $130.00/pc
  • $15.00/bot
  • $1.10/pc

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